I found the key to my authentic self and started living it.
-Gail Becker

I was able to open up to new possibilities. (The training) led to a shift in perspective allowing growth and connection in my practice and life!

-Kathryn McCulla

Warrior Yoga inspired me to dream big, to take action and ownership of my life by opening my own yoga studio in Merced!

-Susan Webb

The training helped deepen my yoga practice through the asana and my life through journaling and medication. I learned tools to help me through difficult situations without giving up. I met lifelong friends who I am so grateful for. It was an amazing experience that I’m truly happy I signed up for!

-Kassidy L.

I wanted to deepen my practice and knowledge of yoga. I was seeking balance in my life. WHAT I walked away with was new friendships, possibilities, physical, emotional, and mental transformation.

-Alicia K.

I am glad I did the 200 Hour training because I got hands on experience teaching and learning how to really apply the Baptiste Methodology. The training was split up into digestible chunks that allowed me to learn and apply the skills with people in the community. On a personal level I learned to be vulnerable and open, to ask help. Community is the biggest take away! I couldn’t have done this training alone and my team/community became my family.

-Bertha G.

I learned that through a struggle you can find your feet. They are a great find!

-Janie M.

My intentions for signing up for the 200 hour are exactly what I gained… I grew deeper in my practice, discover my true authentic self and I learned to share it with others.

-Chelsea W.

I signed up for the 200 hour training to step out of my comfort zone and learn to be a YES! I learned how to turn my breakdowns into breakthroughs and that has completely changed my life.

-Sandy P.

I started my journey with an expectation of strengthening my yoga practice and I left with so much more than I could have dreamed. Through meditation, asana and inquiry I found a connection to mind, body and spirit. The precious gift I received was my Baptiste community, and all of this why I cherish my training.

-Jayne M.

Through yoga training I gained the tools to physically ease pain in my back. I have been able to go completely without pain meds. Mentally-the practice has cleared anxiety out of my life. I used to be so rigid, type A and lived by my to do list. I have become much more easy going. I now have the ability to pause, I am a lot less reactive. I was able to see where I was stuck and have worked to give myself space.

-Chanel M.

My yoga training gave me the life tools I needed to repair and completely transform broken family relationships. I no longer let anxiety rule my life, because I am POWERFUL. . . . When I entered into my training, I felt lonely and had very few friends. Upon completion of the program, I left with a huge family full of love, grace, and support.

-Corrie Naldi