Hold up, I have a few questions….

Cool deal, we’ve got answers!

Who is this training for?

Want to share the love of the practice add yoga teacher to your resume?

This training is for you, let’s do this.

Want to take a deeper dive into your practice, while adding incredible tools you can apply on and off the mat, but don’t want to teach?

This training is for you, let’s do the thing.

What goes down during training days?

  • Yoga practices, meditation, group discussions, and partner work.

  • Coaching on powerful communication, purposeful living, teaching and assisting

  • Practice teaching and assisting with coaching and feedback

What if I miss part of training?

We ask for full commitment to the program before applying- attending all sessions. In the event that you will need to make up hours, some hours can be made up with homework and private sessions. 1:1 sessions are charged at $100/hour.

Do I have to read any books before?

We do have a list of required readings for this program:

  • Journey Into Power, Baron Baptiste

  • Being of Power, Baron Baptiste

  • Yamas and Nyamas, Deborah Adele

Have a question that we haven’t thought of quite yet? Cool, drop us a note below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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