What if I've never been to a yoga class before?

What if I've never been to a yoga class before?

If you were an expert at everything, life would be just no fun! There is a first time for everything, why should yoga be any different?! At Warrior Yoga we just ask that you bring a willing spirit! Whether this is your first time rolling out a mat, or you're a seasoned-yogi, we invite you to join us for any of our class times! Although we take our Baptiste practice seriously, we have a hard time taking ourselves seriously. And let's keep it real, it is a practice-not a perfect! Sometimes there's a bit of turbulance, or when you're pushing yourself to your limits you MIGHT fall-and that is SO OKAY! Laugh it off and keep flowing. We have a good time in this studio, life is to be enjoyed. We encourage engagment during class, however we ask that you keep side chats minimal, because we're all here to also find our om. 

*If for any reason you may not be able to perform certain poses, please listen to your body-it is your practice! Let the instructor know you may need modifications before class, they will assist you! Keep in mind that it is good to push yourself, however you shouldn't at any time be in pain, or be uncomfortable! 

how should i dress? 

You're going to be moving....a lot. Wear comfortable clothing that will move with you as you get down, dog. Wrong side up or right side up, you want your clothing to be there for you! As far as shoes go, you can wear whatever you please to the studio. However, upon arrival you'll be kicking off those dancing shoes and shimmying out of those socks so you can feel all ten toes on the mat. (Be courteous of odors after a long day, if you can, let them breath before you come in, happens to everyone!) 

do I need to bring anything? 

A mat. If you don't have one, don't sweat it! We have a couple extras, but not an endless supply. 

Water. Before, during, and after class, it's important. 

A towel. We have towels for rent in the studio, but if you’d like, you can bring your own. We like to get sweaty!

Leave the kitchen sink at home, please. A towel, water, yoga mat if you have one (extras are available), and a willing spirit! We have cubbies for you to place your belongings, however, they aren't all that big. We understand that you'll have some stuff, but try to limit it! 

Where should i park? 

The parking lot behind the Century 21 & Warrior Yoga Building is available!